We thank you and appreciate your purchase with us. Please read the policy, conditions and process carefully as they will give you important information and guidelines about your rights and obligations as our customer, concerning any purchase you make through us.

Our replace and refund policy empowers you to change, exchange, replace and refund of the product purchased with us within 30 day of the purchase. You can also extend the time period by notifying us within 30 days.

Conditions :

   Refund will be process in case

          ■     You are unsatisfied with the product

          ■     The size is not fit and the same size is not available in the store as well

☻    If you have made the payment in cash.  100% cash will be refunded.

☻    If you have made the payment by chard. 2.5 % processing fees will be deducted and the reaming amount will be process/paid by cheque. However   you can take a full amount value credit note valid for 12 months from the date of purchase

☻    Refund will not be processed if you have exchanged the product to a lesser amount product, however you can exchange the product to a higher amount and only the balance amount will be charged

☻    We request you to please check carefully all the item/product before you purchase, we recommend to please try them before purchasing.

Exclusions :

☻    No refund will be process if the product is altered / tampered / damaged  by you

☻    Refund will be process only in case when no exchange or replace is possible.

☻    No refund / replace / exchange will be process without the original bill.

☻    No refund of gift voucher will be paid and the same will not be included in the next purchase

☻    No refund / replace / exchange will be process after the expiry of 30 days’ time limit however if you have notified about it within the time period the same will be taken care off.

Refund process :

☻    Please connect with our customer care via email or call.

☻    The customer care team will validate the request by checking the time-lines, product type, warranty terms, etc and shall take the request of refund or exchange.

☻    All refund and exchange will be done at our store on Saturday and Sunday between 1:00 Pm to 6:00 pm



The price of any product is determined by the purchase price of the product. To keep the price low as much as possible we do not add any other unnecessary expense and do not include any unwanted expenditure in it. Also, we take average of same type / kind of products to keep the price low for our users. However we keep constant endeavour to keep the price constant but the prices may change time to time if the market conditions change.

Prices are also depend on the product availability and the stock with us. Hence prices are may subject to change at any time. Therefore we cannot commit to give the same price all the time.

As we do not include any other costing in price and our profit margin is also very low so the prices decided by us are fixed and cannot be changed under any circumstance or for any other reason therefore there is no room for any further discount on the selling price of any product. However there is a formal way of further discount via Gift Voucher which you can avail on the total purchase bill. To know more about gift voucher please read Gift Voucher TnC


We care about our customers and are always looking for ways to offer them the best value for money.

The Price policy governs the prices of the product hence there is no room for any further discount.

Every employee of our client companies are entitle to get same discount and no further bargaining or negotiation is allowed or accepted. However in case if there is any defect in the product the company is liable to refund you full amount or it may possible that company can extend further discount on that particular product as per the situation only after your consent.

The company has provide a special method of further discount via Gift Vouchers which are given to the customers at the time of event. The gift voucher can be re issued to the same customer from the store as per the discretion of ADDBOSS